Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Quick Update: SANS/CISSP, Articles and Personal Projects

So many things going on...where to start. Well, first of all, I will be at the SANS conference all next week in Orlando in the CISSP track. To some of you, it may seem odd to be taking a CISSP class from SANS, but it was convenient as it is in Orlando and I had $3000 in tuition credit so it's only costing $95. Makes sense, now, doesn't it? ;-) Several coworkers and security professional friends keep telling me I could simply take the test and pass it but I prefer to go to the review just to be safe. I like sure things! Especially, when the dang test costs $500.

I just finished a "Deploying EFS in the Enterprise" for Security Enterprise magazine to be published in the March issue. It was a short two pages that ended up being a pretty good learning experience. I knew most of the limitations and features of EFS going into the article and picked up a bit of new knowledge in the process. The January issue had my review of Arbor Networks Peakflow X and the March issue will also have my review of Credan't Mobile Guardian 5.1 Enterprise Edition. An upcoming issue of Network Computing magazine will also have my review of PacketMotion's PacketSentry.

I have been posting pretty regularly in the ForensicFocus' Forums over the last couple of weeks. I will probably be copy some of the content of those posts over here. The posts were good and had some excellent information that would be useful here, and I would like to elaborate on them a bit.

Foremost and Scalpel don't have extensive patterns included in their config files so I am going to slowly begin collecting and testing patterns. Eventually, I want to have an extensive reference that will become a good online reference for forensic analysts using both tools.

I keep a list of "articles" that I want to work on and post on the blog in a PDF format. The list is quite ambitious and the magazine articles have pushed them to the backburner but I expect a lull in the magazine world for the next couple of weeks so I hope to make some headway with those personal articles.

nubuntu: this is a link as a reminder for a potential future project.

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