Friday, December 19, 2008

Windows Physical Memory Roundup

I put together a comprehensive list of Windows physical memory tools that's posted over at the SANS Computer Forensics Blog. The list includes acquisition and analysis tools along with a brief description, whether it is free or commercial and screenshots if available. Take a look if you have an interest in Windows memory analysis.

Windows Physical Memory: Finding the Right Tool for the Job

Friday, December 12, 2008

Weaponizing USB Flash Drives with the Addonics NAS Adapter

It's kind of interesting how I start out to write something and it ends up being totally different from what I was planning. Today's post at Dark Reading was like that. My original intent was to focus on data sprawl due to proliferation of physically small, large storage capacity flash drives. What I ended up with was a bad ass idea of weaponizing the Addonics NAS Adapter into a MitM attack tool for scarfing up network data including VoIP calls.

Take a trip down the rabbit hole with "USB Flash Drive Network Weaponization."

BTW, here's a link to the PDF of Larry Pesce's "Rogue APs for Penetration Testers" presentation. He's my inspiration for hiding small electronic devices in obscure places.

Mini Wish List

Here's a quick wish list for anyone who is still stumped on what to get me. I did put down gift certificates for two of the sites, but that's because it would be impossible to list all the little items from each site I'm interested in like a Super TV-B-Gone kit,
DIY Design Electronics Kit, Mousebot Kit, Blinkybug Kit, Tiny Cylon Kit, USB7 6 Digit LED Display Kit, Solarspeeder Kit, Learn to Solder Kit, Maker Bundle #1, Bare Bones Aduino Board Kit,