Sunday, August 05, 2007

1@stplace wins DefCon CTF 2 yrs in a row

After 24 hrs of competition over 3 days in Vegas, team 1@stplace took first place in the DefCon Capture the Flag contest hosted by Kenshoto. Headed up by team captain @tlas and co-captain Doc Brown (aka drb), we sifted our way through the maze of brilliant confusion weaved together by the Kenshoto guys. They are truly an amazing bunch of dedicated hackers who design the CTF challenges to take their fellow and aspiring hackers to the next level.

I am blessed to have been able to compete again with the talented 1@stplace team composed of @tlas, Doc Brown, fury, jrod, plato, psifertex, shiruken, wrffr and myself (mezzendo). @tlas provided great leadership throughout the time leading up to CTF and during the entire weekend. Teamwork, friendship and communication were key to our win.

Thank you @tlas for believing in me and picking me to be a part of this awesome experience two years in a row.


hogfly said...

Congrats John! When are you guys posting the results?

Alex said...

Grats Guys!

J.C. said...

You did it again!! Congratulations! You guys make me both proud to know you and jealous of your awesome skills =)