Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Because there is no patch...

...for human stupidity. Which is why Storm keeps spreading. There is simply no excuse for people to continue infecting themselves. I'd take a stab and antivirus companies but they simply can't keep up. Until they all move to true behavioral-based detection, they won't be able to handle the flood of malware coming from the miscreants out there.

Today, Storm worm brings us a new attempt to infect people by getting them to believe that there's a new filesharing application called Krackin. Great!

Below are samples of the e-mails, screenshots and the javascript exploits.

Subject:re: krackin is released
Body:New Sharing network goes live. Check out Krackin here.

Subject:re: krackin is online
Body:Ok, last time I am sending you this linkman. LOL write it down or
soothing. This is krackin. http://xx.74.85.128/

Subject:man here is the link
Body:man here is the next huge sharing network. It is friggin awesome. Check
it out. http://xx.37.24.109/

Here's a text file of the javascript exploit code. Handle with care!

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to redact the IP address in the javascript file.