Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A new obsession?

At DefCon 16, I finally got to see some of the other things going on other than CTF. I didn't see much but the thing that really left its mark was the Hardware Hacking Village. Greg and I went up there and I saw about 30 geeks or more going at it with soldering irons, miscellaneous computer scraps and DC16 badges. It was a cool site.

Greg had already been up there before and soldered a USB port onto his badge. I'd tried soldering a couple of times in my lifetime and failed pretty badly. This time, I was careful, asked for advice from experienced hardware hackers and was able to successfully solder on a working USB port.

What a rush! I'm totally hooked and have bought a couple of soldering irons (electric and butane) to work on modding all of my badges (DC 14-16). I've got a JTAG programmer at the office somewhere that I'm going to have to dig up to work on the previous badges, I think.

The thing I really want to build is a RFID cloner. The simplest, but most effective one I've found so far is the one from Chris Paget of IOActive but his BlackHat presentation with info on building it was squashed. :-( Oh well, I'll keep searching for something that will work. It may come down to having a separate reader and transmitter/writer. I don't really care too much as long as it is portable so I can use it during physical pentests.

As if I needed another obsession.

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