Sunday, January 08, 2006

Department of Defense Cybercrime Conference 2006

Today was the first day of the DoD Cybercrime 2006 annual conference. If you check the site, it says the official start date is Jan 10, but they are holding two days of training before the official conference kickoff that were included in the cheap $225 conference fee. That is ridiculously cheap so guess which one I took advantage you know? Well, since I made the decision to buy a PowerBook at work so I could learn more about Mac OS X incident response, I couldn't pass up two days of Mac OS X forensics training. BTW, if you know anything about the conference, you have to be DoD personnel, DoD contractors or some sort of law enforcement. Thankfully, the University Police Department sponsored me so I could attend. SWEET! It is a lot of fun being around all these "feds."

How is it so far? Well, if you haven't been to the Westin Innisbrook Golf Resort, it is a gorgeous place with lush golfing all around the resort. I have spoken here two years in a row for the FAEDS conferences and was happy to finally get to come as an attendee of conference where I can really enjoy the amenities. As for the conference, there are already quite a few feds lurking around the classes. The Mac OS X forensics class is quite good. I have enjoyed most of it and learned quite a bit already. Since the instructors are teaching from a thick book used in their two week class, they have to skim over some topics but I get to keep the book to review later on. Also, the book hasn't been updated for Tiger but the instructor has been doing a good job of pointing out any differences. One instructor is doing a Tiger-specific forensic presentation later this week so I might catch that one, too.

So, my initial thoughts...can I clone myself? There are so many presentations that I want to attend and so little time to fit them all in. About 8-12 presentations are going on simultaneously and I want to see at least 2-5 of them each hour. Luckily, I have been given the "Law Enforcement Only" CD that contains all the presentations, so whatever I don't make it to, I can look at the presentation later. Fantastic stuff. I will try to post every day what is going on and my thoughts about it all.

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