Thursday, March 16, 2006

Die Virtual PC, rise VMware on a Mac (via SSH)

Several weeks ago, I installed X11 on my PowerBook so I could run Ethereal. About a week after that, I trying tunneling the VMware Console over SSH into X. The console flashed a couple of times on the screen and promptly died. I tried several more times with no luck. A Google search did not turn up anything at the time. Frustration set in...

Today, while in a Windows Vista TAP meeting (don't ask), Jordan asked if I had tried tunneling the console over SSH, I replied yes, shortly thereafter, he sent me the following link to "How To Run vmware-console Remotely With Apple's X11" at the Tao of Mac site. I SSHed into my VMware server, added the xkeymap entry into my preferences file in the .vmware folder, ran vmware-console and BOOM!, there was VMware Console running in all its glory on my PowerBook. YES! I am a happy guy now.

DIE VIRTUAL PC! May you rot in peace. Long live VMware!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent! The -Y switch was exactly what I needed to get the Veritas NetBackup administration GUI to show up on my iBook. Great tip!