Wednesday, March 01, 2006

SANS 2006 - CISSP 10 Domains class

What a week!?! I have been in class since Sat at 9am. Each has covered 1-2 Domains from the CISSP. Class was 9am-7pm Sat, 8am-7pm Sun-Wed and 8am-5pm Thurs. Only one day left.

There has been a lot going on in addition to the normal class. There was a Vendor Expo where vendors from all corners of the IT security market came out of the woodwork. It was cool seeing some of the ones who I have reviewed their products for NWC or SE. There was even one who I will be reviewing in the next month.

Each night has had at least on Keynote which was sometimes good, sometimes just OK. Essentially, it boils down to me being in Learning Mode for about a full 13 hrs a day.

One surprising thing is how many people are here that I know. It is pretty interesting. There is the SANS faculty and staff that I know, but I am referring to a couple of attendees from other conferences I have met before, someone from FDLE and several people from the FL Dept of Health. Very cool. It has been nice catching up.

It has also been great having "expert" sources to ask questions. I still have a couple of stumpers for some of the big name people. I hope they have good answers as I haven't found info anywhere else. I will keep you posted.

More to follow...

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